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Table Tennis rules ITTF

ITTF praised in Korea
The ITTF had another successful Olympic Games in Athens.

It is clear that the ITTF is on the right track and developing every year in every aspect; by renovating it's equipment (tables, rackets, racket blades, glue), and changing regulations and rules in order to make our SPORT more interesting and attractive to the spectators and the TV networks. The ITTF is developing rapidly in a very positive way.

WANG beats WALDNER for bronze

In a match which rarely achieved highs as a spectacle, but made up in some way in drama for what it missed in quality, China’s WANG Liqin, 26, beat Sweden’s Jan-Ove WALDNER, aged 38, 10-12, 11-3, 11-8, 11-7, 11-9: a clash of former world champions for the Olympic men’s singles bronze medal. For WALDNER, also a former Olympic gold and silver singles medallist, it was a final chance to take a medal on his last Olympic com.petition.

Perhaps they respected each other too much or the tension of the moment was too great, but neither of the players could find their best form.

Pushing Back The Barriers Of Tradition

Umpiring at a major international tournament is the aim of most who decide to assume the officiating role and being on duty at the Olympic Games is an appointment that is accepted with pride and gratitude. Twenty-four umpires have been in action in the Galatsi Stadium in Athens, every continent has been represented with the majority being male; in fact only four women have assumed the umpire’s chair: Brazil’s Maria FERREIRA, Hong Kong’s Wendy CHIM, Japan’s Yukiko HIRAIKE and Egypt’s Iman ISSAWI.

Table Tennis Champs: SOUTH KOREA vs THAILAND [C2, P.2] #
Table Tennis Champs: SOUTH KOREA vs THAILAND [C2, P.2] # ...
Table Tennis Champs: THAILAND vs SOUTH KOREA [C3/5] Thái
Table Tennis Champs: THAILAND vs SOUTH KOREA [C3/5] Thái ...
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