Table Tennis Bat: Stiga Flow

Table Tennis Racket or Bats

Euro Jumbo

Splendid pieces of table tennis bats, that are specially developed for young and aspiring table tennis players. The oval blade of these table tennis bats is covered with smooth rubbers on both side and comes with multicolored snazzy designs attractive to look at. Flared handle provides the players' hands a comfortable grip. These high quality table tennis bats are absolutely in sync with quality standards set by I.T.T.F.

(Maximum World Ranked players are already using this type of Tensor Rubber)

Speed : 99

Spin : 99

Control : 98

Euro Spintec

Fulfill your dreams to be a successful and popular table tennis player with our outstandingly designed table tennis paddles. Our TT paddles are developed keeping into consideration the image of top professional players, who need extra control on the ball. The material used in manufacturing of these paddles is of best quality to provide the clients products of international quality standards.

Euro XX

Highly popular amidst national as well as international professional players ! These super grade ping pong bats are provided with improved rubber on both sides to make all attacking shots immensely easy and simple. Flared handle guarantees top level of comfort and feel. Creative patterns printed on the blade are capable of pleasing the heart of players in single look.

Speed : 99

Euro V

First choice of world class table tennis champions ! These remarkably designed TT bats are extremely light in weight yet unbelievably long lasting in quality. Their rubber sponge with high elastic micropore gives extra power with good control. These comfortable and player friendly TT bats are visually appealing and functionally superior.

Speed : 94

Spin : 93

Control : 95

Euro Star

High quality international standard racket specially deleloped for young & aspiring players.

Speed : 93

Spin : 92

Nano Force

New 3G Technology T.T. Racket with ITTF approved Nano Attaking Rubbers.

NANO Technology - The Science of POWER, FRICTION and FLEXIBILITY

Offensive XX

Fast Table Tennis Bats, which are manufactured to bring perfection for all offensive & aggressive all round table tennis players. Use of quality checked imported and Indian components makes our Table Tennis Bats last for a long period of time. Must have T T racket to win any high level table tennis championship!

Speed : 92

Control : 96

Offensive Rago

T T rackets offered by G K Industries are best suitable for those players, who use one side pimpled out and one side pimped in rubber. These rackets represent the amazing combination of pimpled in ( offensive XX) and pimpled out ( rago) rubbers. Backhand of these rackets comes in pimpled rubber with anti-effect.

Speed : 92

Kung FU DX

Creating a craze amongst amateur as well as professional table tennis players, our premium quality ping pong rackets are deluxe models of popular kung-fu racket. These rackets depict oval blade printed with the charming and inspiring scene of table tennis sport. Imported handle of these rackets is comfortable to grip. True synonym of durability and beauty!

Speed : 91

Spin : 91

Control : 97


Also known as the king of all Table Tennis Bats, these pingpong rackets are well renowned amongst world class table tennis players due to their spectacular quality and reasonable prices. These pingpong rackets are exclusively designed with professional competitions in mind. Manufactured in tune with ITTF standards, these rackets are superb for explosive attacking play!

Speed : 91


Favorite choice of uncompromising attackers are these adeptly designed pingpong bats, which are made by us in compliance with the set standards and norms of the game. Highly recommended by coaches, these bats characterize sturdy wood, best rubber and cozy handle, which altogether make them well suitable for club and national level tournaments.

Speed : 90

Spin : 90

Dynamic Drive

Achieve maximum speed & spin for your offensive and aggressive game with our ace quality table tennis racquets. Recommended for national and international competitions, these table tennis racquets have captured the heart of countless sportspeople. Table tennis racquets offered by us come with flared handle and are approved by ITTF for their quality and designs.


Control the ball as well as your opponent as you wish with our durable and stylish pingpong paddles. Flawlessly designed to the height of perfection, our pingpong paddles serve the both recreational and professional requirements in a glorious manner. These hit back pingpong paddles are bestseller in our collection owing to their all-round playing characteristics.

Speed : 86

Spin : 88

Control : 92


Experience an incredible success in forthcoming competition with these ping pong racquets, that are precision engineered to suit all the international standards and be ideal for a powerful attacking game. These racquets feature fast blade, I.T.T.F. authorized rubber and quick to use flared handle.

Speed : 88

Kids Special

A wonderful treat for your promising table tennis star kid from GKI collection ! Our uniquely developed kids tennis racquets are perfect to make the kids excel in the game of table tennis in a short span of time. These children tennis racquets are incorporated with high grade rubber and super soft handle for the delicate and cozy grip of the kids. These racquets make the table tennis an enjoyable and delighting game for your kids.

Table Tennis Racket for An Arm
Table Tennis Racket for An Arm
table tennis bat
table tennis bat
Rainbow Loom : table tennis racket (bat or paddle) charm
Rainbow Loom : table tennis racket (bat or paddle) charm ...
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