Customised Table Tennis Bats

Yasaka Mark V rubberThis bat has Mark V rubber on a PingSkills Touch blade. The Mark V compliments the PingSkills Touch blade and is an ideal step up from a pre-made bat. This combination is very well balanced between control and attack. You will be able to play the important short ball with control and you'll be able to generate plenty of power to trouble your opponents when the situation arises.

The PingSkills touch blade has a flared handle and both Mark V rubbers have a 2mm sponge.


This bat has Yasaka Rakza 7 rubber on a PingSkills Touch blade. The Yasaka Rakza 7 rubber will suit the kind of player who demands that their rubber performs on many different levels, the touch to drop the ball short, the finesse to curl the ball past your opponent with sidespin and the power to step in for the kill. Yasaka Rakza 7 is a tensor rubber that is faster than Mark V. This combination is also very well balanced with slightly more emphasis on attack rather than control. This bat will suit you if you are an advanced player that has already got excellent control and wants some extra power.

PingSkills Touch with Rakza 7The bat has a flared handle and both Yasaka Rakza 7 rubbers have a 2mm sponge.


This bat has Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber on a PingSkills Touch blade. The Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber is the fastest tensor rubber we have available. It provides great speed and power. This bat will suit players who already have excellent control. You'll need that control otherwise you will struggle when playing the short game. If you posess this control and are after extreme power then this combination is for you. You've been warned, make sure you are ready for the speed of this combination. If you're in any doubt try choosing one of our other more controlled combinations.

Yasaka Rakza 7 rubberThe bat has a flared handle and both Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubbers have a maximum thickness sponge.


The PingSkills Touch is a great all round blade with 5 ply. The centre layer is Ayous wood, the 2 inner layers are made of koto, and the outer surface layers are comprised of fineline wood. The ratings on the blade are: Speed 7.8, Control 8.2 and Weight 83g. The handle is flared. If you purchase the blade only it will not come with any rubbers and you'll need to purchase those separately.

Happy Customers

Hey Alois,

Just wanted to say that the PingSkills Touch arrived today. Felt like a child at Christmas when I saw the package in the mailbox.

I spent about 3 hours trying it out today and I am in love. I didn't realize what people were talking about when they said their rubbers were “dead”, but switching from a 5 year old cheap premade racket to the Touch immediately explained it. My serves have more spin to them now, and I'm “feeling” my opponents spin much more. Topspin/loop shots feel a lot better too.

Thanks a lot for the trouble you guys went to.


Rohit Nair

Hi Alois,

I just wanted to let you know that I am super satisfied with my new bat, the PingSkills Touch with Mark V. My gameplay has improved in every way (offense & defense & control). The control is awesome, it permits me to place the ball where I want.

I really appreciate your splendid customer service and can highly recommend this bat to the type of player you describe in the bat description (Mark V). Before ordering it I was uncertain If I should go for the Mark V or something faster. Today, after playing with it for 3-4 hours in total, I started to get the feeling of it and finally some of my opponents which normally beat me with ease, started to struggle. :)

All the best for you and Jeff

PingSkills Touch with Tenergy 05 Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber
Source: www.pingskills.com
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