Cornilleau Table Tennis Bat

Cornilleau Table Tennis Bats



Thanks to its CARBON TECHNOLOGY insert and its DYNACELL sponge, the Excell 3000 Carbon bat is a genuine reference for OFF+ players. The AERO SOFT and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact, whilst the top-sheet EFFICIENT CURVE ensures very sound trajectories and the maximum of topspin rotation.

PRECISION AND SPIN The ITTF Performa 2 rubber ensures a perfect return of spin.

Speed Speed It's 2 mm dynamic foam ensures a very high speed play.

PERFORMANCE The 5-ply blade will provide you both sensations and speed play.

DYNACELL Optimization of the nature/structure dimension of the material is the key to new levels of performance in terms of rendering energy.

EFFICIENT CURVE Made of 90% natural rubber, the Efficient Curve top-sheet achieves an unrivalled degree of grip on coverings this fast.

Carbon technology The carbon increase rigidity for more power in the play.

  • Ref 413 500
  • Spin 10
  • Speed 10
  • Control 5
  • Details 1 bat
  • Rubber ITTF Performa 2
  • Type Blade OFF+ / 5 Plywood
  • Concept Aero Soft - OFC - Dynacell - Efficient Curve - Carbon Technology
  • Thickness of sponge 2 mm
  • Handle shapes
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