Y & T Ball Catch Net

Table Tennis ball Catch net

Improved quality and smaller package.

Works with tables up to 2" thick. Works with all JOOLA tables. Does not work with Killerspin MyT10 Club Pro.

Ball catcher with carbon fiber frame that attaches to table edge. Ideal for robot and service practice. With a sturdy yet flexible carbon fiber frame and impermeable net, it reliably collects balls during serve, multi-ball, or robot practice and saves extra time by directing balls into a readily awaiting bucket or box below the net. Moreover, additional coverage is provided with its adjustable side netting.

• Collects balls during serve, multi-ball, or robot practice
• Funnels balls into a bucket or box (not included) below the net
• Comes with side netting for increased coverage
• Quick and easy set up with perroalloy frame and 100% polyester net
• Attractive addition to any table with its simple design/black color

Assembled dimensions are: 66" X 60" X 28"
Box dimensions are: 11.8" X 11.8" X 2.5"

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Reviews of IPONG Catch Net - Compact Carbon Fiber Edition (5)

Time saver and easy to setup Review helpful? |
Pros: Works well and does what its purpose is too do.
Cons: Takes about 5 minutes to put up and another 5 minutes to take down. Doesn't seem long, but it is a bit of a hassle.
Final words: Works great if you can put it up and only rarely have to take it down. Review helpful? |
A couple negatives first. Initial setup was little difficult due to lack of instruction (1/2 star subtraction). My table corner paint was scratching quite a bit with clamp on/off. I like the packaging where setup instruction printed directly on the package but I wish a few more pics would make a big difference. But, once you got it on the table, all connections make sense. Here're the four star. 1) Catch the balls well, 2) Take down and put up is manageable by one person with less than a couple minutes, 3) Quality material w.r.t to cost which I think will last for awhile, and finally I really enjoy practicing with the net on as it saves me a time and effort to collect balls. Review helpful? |
It works but the built quality is a bit shotty. It isn't catching tennis or baseballs so it won't break or collapse. Let's just say the price matches the quality in this case.

I've only used it once for testing but it was a little bit time consuming to install and uninstall especially because of the screw on clamps to hold the net on to the table. So you must prepare for about 20~30 min to set up and break down the net and ipong machine before each session, unless you want to leave it on the table indefinitely.

Also the clamp WILL NOT work on thick tables. It just simply does not have enough room on the clamp.

Other than that it was quite usable and caught alot of balls so I didn't have to break my back picking up 100+ balls every time.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

Review helpful? |
This is a pretty useful product that saves a ton of effort by letting you send a lot of your solo-training balls into a bucket for easy recycling into robot or serve practice.

It is very compact when stored and is pretty straightforward to attach to your table. It also has padded attachment points so you don't scratch up the surface.

The need that this fills is worth 10/10 but I dock stars for the following reasons:

1. I am docking half a star for some velcro attachment points on the sides of the net that catch easily on the net material itself and I can tell that this will fray the net if I am not careful when setting up the net.

2. I am docking another half star for slightly shoddy welding/metalwork in general. It is still way more structurally sound than it needs to be for TT ball impacts but you can tell it was done in a hurry and it doesn't give you a good feeling about the craftsmanship.

3. Another half star is down for advertising that it can help in multi-ball training. It is actually kinda difficult for someone to get in there on the side to do multi-ball training with you. At my local TT club, they have a homemade solution that makes a large net that also funnels balls into a bucket and the whole assembly is free-rolling on the floor so you can either put it right up against the table or you can push it backwards a bit so there is room for someone to get in there and feed multi-ball. You catch less of the balls that way but it's a nice option to have. I know that solution isn't as compact/portable but it's probably better and you could build it yourself using largely hardware store components for less $$$ than this product. However, that solution is also ugly and for my home setup this is probably the better product.

Review helpful? |
Source: www.megaspin.net
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