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Districts are encouraged to follow the technical information and guidelines found within this manual at all times. When changes are necessary at the District level, participants who qualify for Ontario 55+ Winter Games must be made aware that the following rules will be in use at Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

Men and Women`s Doubles, Mixed Doubles
55+, 65+:

Participants may compete in only one division at Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

The gold medal teams at the district level are eligible to attend the Ontario 55+ Winter Games; therefore, each district may send a maximum of twelve (12) participants.

Any persons not present at the scheduled commencement of play and throughout the competition are in default and are automatically disqualified from the competition. Competitors are obligated to complete the competition regardless of their record in the competition. If a team defaults part way through the competition, the results of that team will be removed from the standings. The organizers will have an extra team available to play as a “floater” team in case there is an uneven number of teams or in case a team defaults. This team’s results will not count in the final standings.

If there are any questions about rulings, the OSGA Winter Games Technical Manual will be considered correct.


District Games - Any person 55+ living in Ontario

Ontario 55+ Winter Games - Gold Medal Winners - District competition

NOTE:Previous Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games and Canada Games winners are still eligible to compete at the District and Ontario 55+ Winter Games level.


  1. Play will be Round Robin format, followed by a playoff, if time permits
  2. If possible, playoffs will consist of a Medal Round and a Consolation Round.
  3. The split will be determined by the number of teams participating. No more than 9 teams will qualify for the Medal Rounds.
  4. Games will be played to a score of eleven (11) and matches will consist of five (5) games with a lime limit of 45 minutes for a match.
  5. The number of tables available and the number of teams entered will determine the number of pools used so that the round robin and playoffs can be completed in the allotted time.

Determining the Winners

  1. In the Round Robin, the winning team in any game will be awarded two (2) tournament points. The losing team will receive zero (0).
  2. Placings in the Round Robin will determine seeding for the playoff format.
  3. If at the conclusion of the Round Robin, there is a tie for placings, the following procedure will be used to break the tie:
a. Results of head to head games;
b. If necessary, the points scored for divided by the points scored against with the highest quotient winning;
c. If necessary, then an extra game should be played between the teams that are tied


Gold (12)

Men’s Doubles 55+ Women’s Doubles 55+ Mixed Doubles 55+
Men’s Doubles 65+ Women’s Doubles 65+ Mixed Doubles 65+

Silver (12)

Men’s Doubles 55+ Women’s Doubles 55+ Mixed Doubles 55+
Men’s Doubles 65+ Women’s Doubles 65+ Mixed Doubles 65+

Bronze (12)

Men’s Doubles 55+ Women’s Doubles 55+ Mixed Doubles 55+
Men’s Doubles 65+ Women’s Doubles 65+ Mixed Doubles 65+


The ITTF Handbook – Laws of Table Tennis will apply, with the exceptions listed under “Tournament Set-Up” and “Table Tennis Rules Summary.”




  1. Regulation table tennis tables are required (minimum of four)
  2. Regulation nets are required (minimum of four)
  3. Regulation table tennis balls (adequate supply).
  4. Participants are responsible for providing their own table tennis rackets.


  1. The facility must have the potential to hold 4-6 table tennis tables while providing adequate regulation spacing.
  2. The facility should be wheel chair accessible.


The OSGA requires at minimum the following officials for Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

For District Games, the following are only a suggestion. Participation numbers and availablity of volunteers may result in fewer officials being required. Districts are encouraged to try to have the necessary officials to run the event successfully.

One (1) Activity Convenor
One (1) Referee/Scorer per table
One (1) Master Scorer

The host committee will ensure that all major officials have the required qualifications as specified by the OSGA at least one (1) year prior to Ontario 55+ Winter Games. The host committee is also responsible for any other officials required to run this event.

Table Tennis - Ontario Winter Games 2012
Table Tennis - Ontario Winter Games 2012
Double Fish Ontario Table Tennis Championships 2014 5/7
Double Fish Ontario Table Tennis Championships 2014 5/7
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