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stiga supreme pictures boxThe Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket is a shakehand style beginner/intermediate level paddle designed for maximum dexterity and comfort. Approved by the ITTF, the paddle sports an inverted surface made of Stiga’s “future” rubber. It has a 2-millimeter sponge; extra-light 6-ply blade and Tube and Crystal Tech technologies. The 2 millimeter sponge provides increased cushion for a controlled defensive game while the extra-light 6-ply blade with its higher elasticity, is designed for increased speed and control. The more layers of ply on a paddle, the less woody playing experience you will feel.

THE STIGA TUBE is a technology where the middle veneer is built with "micro-channels" lengthways in the middle ply of the blades. The channels are then filled with different materials depending on the blade’s desired characteristics. THE CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY increases your speed. Normal blade treatments use regular lacquer, but Crystal Technology employs a transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer that STIGA specially developed.

  • Positive Aspects

  • Lightweight – only 4.6 ounces
  • Good control and defensive attributes
  • Price
  • Comfortable design
  • Good beginner paddle
  • Negative Aspects

  • Not designed for offensive minded players
  • Poor power
  • No warranty
  • Not for “serious” intermediate or expert players


The Stiga Sumpreme Table Tennis Racket is designed for a defensive player in mind. The 2-millimeter sponge provides great defensive counters with strong loops and great control. The paddle was not designed for an offensive player. If you have an offensive playing style focused on smashes and spin, this paddle is probably not for you. For the price, it’s not bad for an intermediate or beginner table tennis player. However, if you are a serious intermediate or expert ping pong player, you should not purchase this paddle, and instead, look for a higher quality paddle with a better sponge. With your skill level, this paddle won’t perform up to your expectations.

Source: www.pingpongruler.com
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