Joola USA Inside Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net
Great fun with a great price. The Inside table has a 15 mm top and is perfect for budget-minded families that would still like a quality table. Each half is supported by its own undercarriage (made of powder-coated metal) with automatic folding legs and four wheels. The Inside table also features the double anti-tilting device made for increased safety. Made in China.

*Net may vary slightly from picture.

  • Generally, tables can only be shipped to the contiguous 48 states and are shipped Monday through Friday via motor freight carriers. (Shipments to Canada will be charged a shipping fee of $220.00)
  • Tables are delivered curbside and the customer or an agent of the customer must be present to receive it.
  • Due to size, some trucks may be unable to access certain residential areas. If the required destination may have this problem, please contact JOOLA USA prior to placing the order.
  • Additional services can be provided by the freight company at an additional charge. Please contact JOOLA if special assistance is required.
  • Once the table has been shipped, a notification, PRO (tracking number), and local terminal's phone number will be provided. The customer may be responsible for contacting the local terminal to schedule a delivery time with the freight company, so it is recommended that he/she confirm with JOOLA North America.
  • If the address for the shipping destination needs to be amended for any reason and the table has already been shipped, an additional charge will apply.
  • Most freight companies require a four hour time window for delivery. If the freight company is late for delivery, please contact them directly.
  • Failure to comply with the arranged delivery time will result in additional charges to the customer for redelivery and/or storage fees established by the freight company.
  • Once the table has been removed from the truck, and while the driver is still present:
  • Inspect the table for damage.
  • Table damage must be noted on the Delivery Receipt.
  • If the customer suspects damage that is not visible, please note Subject to Inspection on the Delivery Receipt. If the driver does not allow this notation, the customer should refuse the shipment.
  • All of this must be observed to ensure proper credit.
  • If the customer or agent of the customer chooses to accept delivery without inspection of the table and finds that the table is damaged after the freight company leaves, neither JOOLA North America nor the freight company can be held liable for the damages.
  • Once the customer notifies JOOLA North America of a shipment rejection and receives confirmation from JOOLA North America, a replacement (if available), will be sent within in seven (7) business days.
  • For any concealed damage found after the delivery, you must notify the freight company within one week. The customer may file a claim for damages with the freight company, but JOOLA North America is not responsible for these efforts or the outcome.
  • If you find your table has concealed damage, do not assemble the table. If a table has freight damage and a pick-up by the freight company is required, the customer is responsible for re-packing the table in its original packaging.
  • Tables cannot be shipped COD (cash on delivery) and are neither returnable nor exchangeable unless there is written authorization from JOOLA North America.
  • No 15mm / 5/8in 62kg / 137lbs 61cmx155cmx163cm / 24inx61inx64in

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    Penny H.

    Great gift for family
    These days my son plays ping pong at his school almost every school day. He said Joola Inside is the best one among those his school has, so I ordered the same one. It took me about 30 minutes to unpack, assemble, and set up for play. 4 legs with 8 wheels are supporting the middle of the table, and the other 4 legs for both ends. I sat on the table near the net to see how much it collapses. It didn't budge. The side of each corner is wrapped with a softly finished metal piece. Because of this, the corners do not chip off by impact. Overall I like the high quality finish and its robustness.

    L G.

    So easy to assemble
    First of all, the shipping and packaging of this table is amazing. There's wooden planks surrounding the table that protects the corners and the surface of the table. Secondly, I assembled this whole table myself! I thought I would need a couple pair of hands, but who knew it was so easy? For the price, it is certainly not a bad purchase. Good Job JOOLA.

    K F.

    Great Table
    We love our new Joola table. This thing takes about 15 minutes to put together and then your enjoying some competition. It was pretty heavy getting it home and I think if I had to do it again, I'd pay for the delivery to my house. All I can say is I'm very happy with the purchase.

    Table tennis robot, JOOLA USA iPong Training Robot
    Table tennis robot, JOOLA USA iPong Training Robot
    [Best Price] JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
    [Best Price] JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
    JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
    JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
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